Welcome to OFMC!

Grab a beverage and have a seat.

The New Year of 2022 has begun!  It is a new day with adventures awaiting us.  Christmas decorations at home and at church have been lovingly stored away.  Mugs of hot chocolate or mulled wine remain as we experience winter, the cold spells and occasional snow on the ground.

Let’s get together, finally!!  

Slowly, slowly like the Turtle in its fabled race with the Rabbit, senior clubs are cautiously meeting again in public and home places. It looks like flowers beginning to bloom, some faster than others. The month of January has brought more health issues, flu, pneumonia and COVID variants, but hope is on the horizon. Junior District Festivals begin February 19 and an in-person  State Festival in Ada has been scheduled for May.

Be Careful. 

The physical health of our membership is of primary importance.  Get your COVID Booster Shot.  Keep in touch, give loving attention to each other, and listen to Music!

Browse our website to see changes. 

Happy to welcome Susan Gates as new First Vice President and Debra Rue as the new East District Vice President.  Watch our NFMC Guest Lisa Smith’s video on the tabs of All Things Festivals and State Convention and Dr. André Chiang’s vocal performance videos.  The opera Carmen was first performed on March 3, 1875 in Paris, France. The audience seemed unprepared for the sight of women smoking on stage. Imagine that!  Performed by the New York Metropolitan Opera on January 9, 1884 , as of 2011 the Met had performed it almost a thousand times, most recently January 2019.  Music has eternal life!

Stay tuned. 

Nominations for OFMC Musician of the Year are due January 21.

Thank you

for your confidence and support as I start my second term as President.  OFMC is moving forward wanting to flourish, grow, and bring the spiritualizing force of music to our communities. In closing I want to share some beloved 1970’s song lyrics, made famous by Barry Manilow:

I’ve been alive forever
And I wrote the very first song,
I put the words and the melodies together,
I am music and I write the songs…….
I write the songs that make the whole world sing……

—“I Write the Songs” by Bruce Johnston

Catherine Coke
OFMC President