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Grab a beverage and have a seat.  

Let’s chat a bit. My MUGS cabinet is full, but I keep looking at Christmas mugs and hearing them say “take me home.”  Cold weather means grabbing some hot chocolate, hot tea, pumpkin spice lattes, hot spiced cider, or even hot tea with honey and lemon juice to nurse a sore throat.  Mugs make good gifts !

Add some Music to your life. 

T’is the time of year to find Christmas music on electronic devices.  Thankfully my Dish TV channel 858 is 24/7, all year long Christmas music.  Add 5-10 minutes of music you LOVE to your day. Listen to different music channels.  Play your favorite CD and especially, this is important, play some music from your past.

Add  Music to your City. 

The 2023 National Music Week theme is “Music…is a Worldwide Adventure.”  Music is a life long adventure.  Mine began taking piano lessons in third grade, dance lessons before that, voice lessons in seventh grade,  and a college music degree. Now I am retired and the adventure continues. Now more than ever there needs to be member performances at club meetings, and public events with local, musicians. Music is calming and our stressful world needs that now.   Citizens need events to attend; those adults that played in the high school band or choirs still love to play, to sing.  Encourage attendance at school concerts, and ask to attend a teacher’s recital with children performing. If there are few music events in your city, start something up yourself. Host it at your church or another facility and invite the public.  Doing so is a tribute to parents and teachers that enabled you to be a Musician.

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Updates have been made. Please let us know if you see more information that needs to be updated or if you would like us to add something to the website.


Remember Maria from The Sound of Music ?  This is a quote from the real Maria.

Music acts like a magic key,
   to which the most
tightly closed hearts open.
    —-Maria Von Trapp

Catherine Coke
OFMC President