Officers and Committee Chairs

Executive Officers

PresidentCatherine Coke
First Vice-PresidentSusan Gates
Recording Secretary Diann Henson
TreasurerMelanie Bayles
East District Vice PresidentDebra Rue
West District Vice PresidentCarisa Schreiner
Immediate Past PresidentLavonna Whitesell
National Board Representative Natlynn Hayes

Appointed Chairs

Bylaws ChairMelanie Bayles
ChaplainLisa Whitesell
Convention ChairTBD
Facebook AdministratorLisa Whitesell
Gold Cup ChairJessica Huddleston
Insurance ChairBonita Blackburn
Jazz chairMike Seals
Junior Composers ChairDr. Mary Ann Craige
Junior/State Festival ChairBonita Blackburn
Membership ChairMoriah Schmidt
Music in Schools and CollegesLisa Whitesell
Music Week & Essay ChairTBD
Musician of the Year ChairMary Runyan
Opera ChairLisa Whitesell
ParliamentarianNoma Curtis
Senior Club RatingCarisa Schreiner
WebmasterMelanie Bayles

District Festivals Chairs

Junior/State Festival Co-ChairsBonita Blackburn
Donna Caldwell
Junior/State Festival SecretaryAmanda Welch
District 1Suzi Lenhart
District 2 Co-ChairsMarilyn Bruce
Melanie Bayles
District 5 Co-ChairsNatlynn Hayes
Moriah Schmidt
District 6Bonita Blackburn
District 9 Co-ChairsAllison Yates
Jonetta Hinkle